CNY Health Bucks at the Utica Farmers' Market

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

For more information contact:  Debra Richardson

Office:  315.624.2528

Cell: 315.527.1467

Utica, New York
CNY Health Bucks Available to SNAP Consumers

Representatives from the Mohawk Valley Food Action Network will announce $1,900.00 in Health Bucks distribution at the Utica Farmers Market


Wednesday, August 14th at 9:30 a.m. at the Utica Farmers Market held in Chancellor Park, coalition members from the Mohawk Valley Food Action Network (MVFAN) will highlight the distribution of CNY ‘Health Bucks’.


The Utica Farmers Market was awarded $1,900.00 in ‘Health Bucks’ coupons by the Food Bank of CNY to be distributed by the Resource Center for Independent Living (RCIL).  Health Bucks coupons are distributed to SNAP consumers in order to purchase additional fresh fruits and vegetables sold by local producers.  SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) is the formal name for the food stamp program. SNAP card users will receive a $2.00 Health Bucks coupon for every $5.00 spent with their SNAP card at the Utica Market.


“The location of the Utica Farmers Market creates a perfect distribution point for residents of the Municipal Housing Authority apartments and surrounding area”, said RCIL’s Debra Richardson, “It is a busy little market and knowing SNAP card users can receive up to $8 in free additional produce weekly for every $20 they spend is a bonus.”


The Resource Center for Independent Living (RCIL) has again partnered with Utica City Hall to operate the SNAP card EBT machine throughout the 2013 Market season making fresh, healthy foods available to all community residents.

“It’s important to understand that when these Health Bucks and SNAP dollars are spent at our city farmers market, not only are families eating better – we are supporting our local economy by spending these dollars with our local producers.” said Mayor Palmieri.  “That dollar spent generates $1.84 back into our community.”


WHO: Utica City Hall representative, CCE representative, RCIL representative, Food Bank of CNY representative, MVFAN representative, WIC representative.

WHAT: Press Conference

WHEN: 9:30 a.m.

WHERE: Chancellor Park, Elizabeth Street, Utica New York 13501


Additional information on initiatives and programs involving the MVFAN coalition members will be shared with the media as well as fact sheets on the growing hunger and food access issues facing our community. 



 The Mohawk Valley Food Action Network (MVFAN) engages the communities of Oneida County and the surrounding region to create a healthy and secure future based on a productive, resilient local food system where affordable, healthy and nutritious food is accessible to all.  For more information, visit: or

MVFAN recently launched New York States first Food Policy Advisory Council that includes local representatives of all sectors that have a stake in a strong and resilient food system, including: agriculture; economic development; environmental stewardship; public health; planning; school systems; local philanthropies; and social service agencies. The Council is an independent entity, operating with the support of Oneida County, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and the many organizations represented on the Council.